What do you do when you are in Newport RI for two months in the summer?! Find a place to go CAMPING! There are tons of places to go hiking and camping around RI, especially since the Appalachian trail is just a short drive away. I started scheming almost immediately. I really like planning trips so I asked some of the guys in my class if they would be interested in camping. They said yes, so I set to work finding a time and a place. P, one of the guys in the class also helped me plan and he did some research as well when I was in Boston.


I walked to the MWR outdoor recreation center on the Newport Naval Base and got a pamphlet with a listing of all the available equipment you could rent. Between four of us we rented everything we needed to camp for the weekend, sleeping bags, tents, tables, chairs, etc. + Kayaks for $105. That’s very cheap. We found the place, which was called Hopeville State Pond only about an hour drive from Newport but in Connecticut. The guys got fishing license’s so they could do some fishing at which time I did some sun bathing out on the beach and we had ourselves a great weekend in the woods.

On the drive up it started to rain which was not ideal but once we got to the camp site we were able to set most of our stuff up before it got really bad and two of stayed back while the other two went to get wood and we made dinner. Brats with baked beans and chips. Delicious.



The next morning we set out on our kayaks and to my surprise half of the lake was covered in lilly pads. I’ve never seen so many. It was brilliant and beautiful. A great way to spend the day out on the lake. We even saw people jumping off this rickety bridge that led across the water and monkey see monkey do. We immediately beached our kayaks and went to take a try. That was really fun. On the way back we stopped at a beach a little ways up the river from our camp site and joined in with all of the people swimming. Then we headed back to our site and I laid out on a much smaller beach down the way while the guys went fishing. I called M and we chatted. It was lazy but perfect day all in all. We ended it with mountain pies by the fire, cigars, and the warm blaze of burning embers late into the night. When we were falling asleep in our chairs we went to bed and talked late into the night about the Game of Thrones because one of the guys has also read that series and I am on the second book so we analyzed the characters and talked about the show. I enjoy days like these very much!