M came to visit, which was pretty awesome to say the least. It was Memorial Day weekend and we were ready to have some fun. Since I had just signed up for the Marriott rewards program, they gave me a free night to use within 6 months. It was perfect timing because we were planning on staying in Boston for the night any way. She drove all day on Friday and arrived in Newport RI in the early evening and then we went out and had ourselves some delicious seafood and headed to Boston early the next morning.

It was a day of meandering and shopping to say the least. We checked in at the hotel and then drove down to the Quincy market area where we immediately bought some Clam Chowder bread bowls for lunch. It’s always weird coming back to Quincy Market because I took a trip to Boston when I was in the high school band and it just seemed so different back then when I wasn’t ready to take on the world. Without consciously trying, I always end up taking a few minutes to reflect back on the younger me when I am here. It’s very surreal. Quincy Market is just a long building with a series of food counters lining the walls so as you go you can get whatever tickles your fancy. It’s a great place to go for an inexpensive positively delicious meal, but there’s not always seating available because most of the time its pretty packed.

One thing I absolutely positively recommend is the Mac & Cheese counter. Yummy. The Seafood Mac & Cheese with a freshly baked Boston pretzel from just across the way is to die for… so good! M and I bought that on Sunday morning before we drove back to R. I. and we sat on a park bench scarfing it down right in the middle of the market. ummmm.



There’s Nuttin like a serious Bread Bowl of Clam Chowdda.


Once we left Quincy Market and all of the shops over on that side we took the subway to the Courtyard Marriott Mall which is a pretty ritzy mall, but we had shopping in mind and we definitely were in the mood to buy. We ended up at Armani Exchange surrounded by sales and there was little else we could do but try everything in sight on and pretty much buy it all. haha.

After the shopping was done for the day we went back to the hotel and rested up for the night. We went to a club that was pretty bumping and it was a great time.

Here’s our one picture from the night. We forgot to take more later. Ha!

The next morning we had every intention to go to the Boston Aquarium but the line was way out the door and we just really didn’t feel like waiting that long. I have been to the aquarium twice but M has never been and I really wanted her to see the penguin exhibit but what can you do? Instead we decided to walk along the harbor walk and talk… that’s definitely something we are very good at. We are big talkers.

What a beautiful day!

We headed back towards Newport after that and met up with two of the guys from my class after that. The next morning we all drove back to Boston and went to the Red Sox Game mostly because it doesn’t get more Amer’cin then going to The oldest baseball stadium to watch baseball and eat brats and drink beer. We had a great time even though I got soo sunburned . We sat right below the Green Machine.

“What a Splendid Day. I pity people who aren’t born yet for missing it. They can have good days for sure, but they can never have this one.” -Anne of Green Gables.