Well I finally feel good about transiting the ship forward to aft without puking my brains out. Yesterday the ship was rocking so much it was an extra effort just to transit from one place to the other because you had to focus on not running into things and I had to hold onto equipment so I didn’t slam into the bulkheads.

It was soo annoying. I was miserable. When I was in the shower I almost fell over twice and had to grab the shower curtain, while the  water was sloshing all over the place because we were rocking so much. What a wonderful start to my first deployment. Ugh.

USN Ship underwayRocking shipI asked J how he’s doing on the carrier and he said well… [This is a day in the life for him:] “I stop at starbucks in the morning and then head on over to the gym and play some b-ball and then I stop by the library and pick out a nice book and then I go to the lounge to read it. Finally I head to one of the ready rooms to hang out with the pilots and then I pretty much call it a night.”


I don’t think they can even feel the rocking on the carrier. I’m still glad I’m over here though, on my small little ship, bumping around in the ocean, at any rate its much more personable. At least I know all the names of the crew members.

Out to sea on a USN warshipThe other night when the helo was about to take off, rotars were engaged and turning, one of the pilots got very sea sick and puked in the helicopter. Therefore he was unable to fly. Then, we had a meeting with the commodore in the wardroom and everyone was making bets beforehand on who was going to get sick… Well, the commodore was in the middle of something [idk what] and I saw masterchief get a fireball out and put it in her mouth.

IMG_8279I didn’t think anything of it. Then a minute later she turned her head and I heard the fireball hitting the floor and along with it well… the contents of her lunch. The captain didn’t even know and that was the funniest part because he was sitting beside her and he didn’t even turn to look.

She left and as soon as the commodore was done talking I ran down to our room to ensure masterchief was okay (we’re bunk mates right now because they’ve run out of staterooms). She didn’t even look sick when it happened. She assured me she was feeling much better, but she and I both spent the afternoon lying down in our racks.

My guys always know when I’m sea sick because our spaces are very far forward and when I get sick I can’t go to them and work there because I can’t stand the rocking. Today they said, “I see your feeling better ma’am, you’ve come back down to sonar and are working.”

My response: Shove it.

Everyone has been asking about my sister, who came to see me off. They all say my goodness you and your sister are an exact replica of each other. Then the next question every time is how old is she again?


I just tell them she’s out of their league. Period.  Haha.

I’ve been studying diligently for my Officer of the Deck board… Okay fine maybe not diligently, but periodically. I just don’t want to study! My board will be in the next few weeks and once I get my letter I’ll probably move to the bridge. I’m on watch down in combat right now, but there’s nothing like being up on the bridge.

They moved the clocks ahead one hour at 2100 as we are crossing the ocean and I definitely got screwed with that. I only got to sleep 2 hours before I had watch and now its 4am and I have 2 and a half more hours to go and I’m dying. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay awake. I guess I’m going to go and look over some of my notes. More to come…!

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