Anyone on the East coast might have heard that Hurricane Earl was headed into town and just in time for labor day weekend. It couldn’t have been a worse time. I had all kinds of plans for labor day weekend and then they were considering sending all the ships out to sea, and or making us stay onboard in case the hurricane came in fast and furious. Total bust! But wait, Earl was classified as a Cat 4 as he turned to head up the east coast, and by the next morning he was down to a Cat 3. A few hours later they had him marked at a Cat 2 and now he was staying farther out, not even coming very close to shore.

They told us not to even come in on Friday, and that it would be best to make sure all family’s had an evacuation plan. I didn’t go in on Friday and when I woke up in the morning I jumped up and ran to the window just to see what was happening. & when I looked out, nothing was happening, it wasn’t even raining. Well, hey at least I got a day off. and about 3 hours later I got my weekend back, which meant that my plans weren’t completely ruined after all.

Immediately a friend and I went into overdrive and we planned the bachelorette party which had been cancelled at least 6 different times, because of the storm. In the end it went off without a hitch, we had everything we planned, we played games, drank wine, had great food, and we even had a penis shaped cake that we were able to throw in the oven at the last minute. It was a total success. I was pretty happy.

Then Sunday was the Rock and Roll VA beach Half Marathon. I was pumped for that to happen! I had watched the news all day Friday while they were deciding whether to continue with the race or cancel it, when they made the decision to continue with the race I was ecstatic.

4 officers from our ship ran the race including myself and our captain whom I ran into afterwards when I was looking for my friend. I had a very good time at the race and got sunburned as well. I love running races, they are so motivating. My legs are in horrible pain right now and I’m going to be sitting in bed for a better part of the day because I have off, but I do believe my workouts this week will be swimming, no running, I need a break!

I’m so happy everything worked out. Yay! for labor day weekend!