Of course when I graduated college I didn’t see myself being in classes so shortly afterwards. As it turns out I was very wrong. Since joining the navy I have been in nothing but classes for the better part of the few months after my arrival.

One more hurtle completed. I am essentially learning a new language and new lifestyle. Today was the final of the past four weeks, for ASWE [Anti Submarine Warfare Evaluator] class that I have been taking.

As much as I would like to believe these classes are a joke, that is not the case. This was intensive. I have been able to take in ALOT and I am very impressed with what these guys do. Because I am on a newer ship, I have more updated equipment then what most of the ASW division has seen, but I have learned the old way of doing things, and I like it. It is going to be challenging at times, but I should do well.

I have tried to take away from the class as much as possible, because I know that when we leave for deployment, I’m going to be in charge, and I don’t want to screw up. Well, the good news is that I passed the final and tomorrow after graduating I will be a qualified ASWE. Just another month and class in the navy.

Next week, I take over the division, we’ll see how that goes…