This is by far one of the most riveting real world war stories, that I have read. Most of the war stories that I do indulge in are world war 2 focused, and I just happened to pick this book up in Barnes and Noble and that was it. I barely put it down.

I cried all afternoon yesterday, because of the story, and I really am not upset to admit it. These are real men who do things that barely anyone can do and there must be a stand taken, just as Marcus (the author) states. We cannot allow the piece of shit politicians try to seriously put our seals on trial for murder when they are doing only what they’ve been trained. This is a fucking war. People die, people who shouldn’t be involved die, there are war casualties and I personally do not wish for it to be our naval seals that are the casualties. They are trained to kill, and you are turning a blind eye if you forget that fact.

This roles of engagement bullshit needs fixed. They are in the mountains trying to take out the ring leaders the best they can and they are being tried for murder. Most of the people out there absolutely hate americans, because that’s what they’ve been taught, they will do anything they can to see them dead at their own hands. Don’t be foolish to think otherwise.

I will get off my soapbox but Marcus’s words have rang true to me. Let our seals fight.

I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone and if you want a summary of it go to amazon.com, but I am trying to raise awareness. Just last week when I was going to get lunch there was a group of protesters fighting for seals rights in front of the entrance to Norfolk Naval Station. They have moved me, along with the book. Save our United States Naval Seals!