If you ever think that you are done with college and classes and then you join the military, you would be shit wrong. You will never stop getting a break and for some reason they think that sending you to 50 different schools will make you extremely competent. Some of the schools, don’t get me wrong are informative, but some of the schools I’ve been sent to are just awful and I didn’t learn one once of information.

Right now I’m in Anti Submarine Warfare School, a one month long course. And well that would be all I can tell you since you aren’t qualified to know more, but not even I am allowed to take notes and take them home with me. All of the studying is done there and it is quite annoying to have to study for the tests in that building and not in the comfort of my own home.

There are many plans to be made in the up and coming future. First of all I want to plan a trip to DC for a nationals baseball game because I love drinking and baseball together. Second of all there is a wedding coming up [this would be the first wedding I’m attending since my college graduation] I guess there’s always a first, but this is damn early. I’m very excited though. & thirdly I have to plan many more trips to Busch gardens since I have a summer pass and I’ve never had one of those to any amusement park and I have to make it worth my while.

Luckily, right now I am sitting here writing this, and I don’t even have to go to the base until 0800 because the class starts later then normal today. They have made mandatory PT three days a week which I can’t say I mind but I definitely have to work out with a whole bunch of guys and it is really taking a toll on my body, trying to keep up with them and do at least some what of the things they can do.

This Saturday is the Kentucky Derby and there is much planning to be made for that as well. I just really really really really want to wear a dress and a big hat to a bar and get wasted because that’s fashionable. We’ll see how that goes.