The representation of this title leads me to tell you just that… wherever the wind blows me. A documentation of this weekends events, my life in its present state, the cleaning saga in which I spend time trying to figure out how to live alone, and the latest of my video game fascinations.

At the present moment I have finally been dabbling into Bioshock. I know this sounds extremely pathetic and quite childish, but the beginning of the game freaked me out so much that upon moving 6 hours away from my closest friend or relation, I was way to afraid to play it. I didn’t want to freak myself out. & that I guarantee you, I would have done. Soo, until becoming much familiar with my present place of residence I have not been playing video games that freak me out, only ones that are  toned down, and I am very familiar with. This means, Dead Space, definitely on a back burner, as well as Left 4 Dead 2 and Bioshock. That was until recently with Bioshock. I have been enjoying it immensely lately. So much in fact that I have come to cursing severely when I can’t figure out what to do next or I am killed by one of those stupid people down in rapture. The story between the sisters and Mr. Bubbles is keeping me in suspense and I am refusing to look up any information on the internet, because I like the waiting to find out.

Also, I am now reading the book Smashed

which is about a girl who becomes an extreme alcoholic at the age of 14. Its an odd read for me to choose, but I picked it because I am continually interested in peeking into the world of troubled people, and I don’t really understand what it means to have to drink alcohol. I don’t know the feeling of being dependent on something so fully that you can’t go a day without obtaining it. And because of that I am reading this book. Unfortunately it is taking me a lot longer time to read books these days because I have become an extreme work-a-holic.

I try to separate myself at the end of the day, but it is becoming increasingly hard.My work completely surrounds me. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to find some balance.

The last thing I would like to bring up at this present time is my struggles to clean all of those random things that you don’t normal think about in your place of residence. Today I struggled to clean the gas stove and I do believe it went well, but it was quite a disaster. I had things everywhere and after I cleaned the stove I had to clean the rest of the kitchen because I made a complete mess. Then I tackled the blinds and ended up soaking them in the bathtub. They were nasty dirty. I’m probably going to have to do it at least two more times before they look the right color. The water was black by the time I drained it. Thank-god I haven’t lived here long because that would be terrible. Knowing that I have been breathing that in. ugh. My spring cleaning will probably be going on for the next few months. We’ll see how it goes…

Besides that, I’m always on the run. More soon.