I suppose its that time again. Time to cross another line through yet another item on the list. Weather permitting, I will be heading to D.C. this weekend to hang out with great friends, enjoy fine wine, and also attend the Baltimore Aquarium. A must see that has been on the list for some time. I have seen a Discovery special and the Baltimore Aquarium is said to be one of the best. I’ve been to quite a few aquariums, but this is the big kahuna. I’m quite excited. I also believe that disney on ice will be in D.C. this weekend and tickets are said to only be $15.!!

Although we do not have a small child, we will go! We have done it before. It can be in honor of my 23rd Birthday which was last week. ha. There are many other things to discuss. I do believe its time. Time to start the investments for my future. I have little to know knowledge of these investment things but I am going to see someone. A financial advisor.

Stocks, mutual funds, IRA’s? Which one which one, and in those categories, which stocks, which mutual funds, and roth or regular IRA? I have been taking the advice of Suzie Orman, whom seems to be helpful with these things, but its not enough. I don’t feel ready to invest thousands of dollars on my own.

Well it is time. I’m going to see some people. I’m going to invest my money wisely and I’m going to prepare for my future. Join me as I invite you to join the ride. I have no experience whatsoever, let’s see what I can do with this effort.

P.S. I was flipping through the channels earlier this evening, checking out the latest and greatest of cable television, when low and behold  I see Mac from its always sunny in philadelphia, kicking it on lost. Just jumping into other shows like that. And although I’m not a huge fan of lost how can you take him seriously, after his character on Its always Sunny? That Guy…