My first time out on the sea. Woo!  As we set out on Wednesday morning at 6am, I was both excited, thrilled, and ready for a crazy ride into the unknown I guess. We weren’t going far out, just far enough to do some drills and get underway time. I participated in as much as I could and everyone was eager to teach me because they know ALOT about what they do.

We had flight ops, in which a helicopter landed on our flight deck at least 20 times as we did different evolutions. We are now qualified. We loaded ammo into different guns and had practice rounds firing them, we had a small boat ops in which we sent out people to land and came back in the night. I stood watch in combat systems. It was a huge blur in which I got little to no sleep at all. 7 hrs total, in the 3 days we were out. There was just so much to do and so little time.

After coming back to port, I had to stay on the ship because it was my duty day, so I finally got home this morning and just in time for the SUPERBOWL!! Although I do not care about either team, it is the superbowl and a huge day of fun it will be. I’m so exhausted now, and I’m going to take a nap, but I’m sure I will have more to tell later.

In the upcoming week I’ll be attending school for anti submarine warfare. Pretty crazy, and not your normal school, but still it is very exciting…