Two major realizations when you read this post. I am significantly now involved in my own finances since I am living on my own, and I own a Mac. Me, the extreme PC lover has turned over to the other side. Let me tell you, once you get a mac you can’t go back.

Most people who have quicken know that the newest Quicken for Mac 2010 comes out this February. I was highly anticipating this software because I had been thinking about trying it out for awhile now and was not going to buy 2007 and just jump right in at 2010. Unfortunately when reading the pre reviews and of its mini release this fall, I came to other conclusions. Basically, these reviews did not turn out very good. In fact, they were terrible and not many people liked the new product. Although, Inuit took the advice of these reviews and has since been constantly developing the new software, you never can be to sure, so I decided to try my luck with the old and widely accepted version of 2007.

So far I have been very satisfied. One of the biggest differences from the newest 2010 version to the 2007 version is that it does not have the investment tab where you can track your investments all in one area. Why would they not include that, I have no idea. Also, compare the prices. Quicken for Mac 2007 is still significantly more expensive then Quicken for mac 2010. This is one instance when I believe you get what you pay for.

I just bought the Mac book pro about a month ago, and I have been loving it since day 1. After I got used to the relatively new and easy to use software, there is no turning back now. Yesterday, or excuse me, two days ago, was the release of the new IPAD software for mac. I’ve watched some of the videos and read some of the articles on it but I don’t really know how absolutely imperative that is. I mean, yes it will have the aps and the internet but its essentially  geared towards reading books, magazines, and newspapers like Kindle from amazon and Nook from Barnes and Noble. If I wanted something like that I would probably look into the Kindle of the Nook before the IPAD because they are much less without the apple mark. Since I already have a MAC and an ipod, it’d be almost redundant to get the IPAD as well. Who knows as more information is thrown out across the net, maybe I’ll change my mind. We’ll see.