We do many things in our lives, for advancement, for our names, and we do things just for fun. Have you had a full plan, you know like when you were a child did you make a list of things we were planning to complete and then go out and complete it? Yeah I guess not everyone out there was as ambitious as me. Anyway, I guess the next stepping stone on my list is officially about to begin tomorrow.

My first divo tour. What a ride it will be. I’m sure I know nothing of what I have gotten myself into but I was chosen for engineering and the repair officer at that. Its just great news. A forensic scientist repairing engines on a destroyer. What a great combination. Not. It will be keeping me plenty occupied for the most part I can imagine.

Anyway enough about my job now more brought to you about my home decor project. My first apartment alone and I had absolutely nothing to put in it. Nothing. No furniture, no kitchen items, no nothing. And it was beautiful. There’s nothing like seeing your first place in all its glory through your untainted eyes. No it does not have a dishwasher, yes the stove is gas, no it does not have a microwave, yes it has multiple holes in the way from the last owner and their decorations. None of that matters when you see it for the first time. All of those things just disappear and they are meaningless.

I have spent over 200 dollars every single day this past week. I spontaneously decided to buy a 40″ Sony Bravia TV and stand instead of a bed. That’s not for the faint of heart let me tell you. I consider myself one of very few who would actually do that. I did buy a couch, although I was forced to sleep on the floor for the first 3 nights and it was pretty miserable. I also did not have power for those 3 nights and survived with lanterns and a ginormous flashlight from Wally world. Everything went well though. Nobody tried to break in and attack me and actually I was surprised to sleep through the nights with not one freak out. I thought for sure that would happen.

All in all this past week has gone by quickly and I was able to buy quite a few things already to furnish my place with. A table and four chairs, a couch, coffee table, TV/TV stand, rug, kitchen appliances. I have seen the transformation of my place and I am the artist, and it has been fascinating. I went from sleeping on a living floor with absolutely nothing but a sleeping bag and lantern to a furnished place in just days. It was great fun.

So tomorrow my time off ends and I must report back. It is time.

On a lighter note I have been thinking alot lately about my book. Maybe its time to brush off all of the old rejections and begin a new. I had this conversation with a friend the other day, she said that she had been asked to look over a small manuscript from someone else who had written young adult. She told me that their work was shit compared to mine and she feels very confident that I can get published. I actually believe her. Its going to be tough like it was the first time, but I am confident that I can withstand the blows. You have to get at least 40 rejections before its even considered trying.

So as I start my new job I feel its time to renew my subscription at writers market and begin again. There’s much in store for the future and I’m just dying to find out what happens next…