That’s right I’m about to say it. Avartar is better than the dark night, better than any movies in 2005, 2006, 2007, & 2008. This is coming from someone who thought that there were some great movies to come out of the past few years. This movie was just phenomenal. I never knew how people could be so obsessed with movies. How they could go to conventions and dress up like the characters, be like them all the time. Although, I probably will not ever go as far as that, I truly believe I am an obsessed fan of Avatar.

Luckily I was able to see this movie in 3-D at the IMAX theater and I think that in and of itself was just phenomenal. With all of the new technologies and video graphics they can use to go the distance, this was the perfect movie to test it all out with. When I saw Lord of the Rings I was a huge fan and I was pretty blown away by all three movies, going to see them when they first came out in theaters, this… this was just so much more. If lord of the rings won all of the awards for their movies, Avatar will take every single award home at the Oscars.

They totally went off the scale with it, and I feel will be rewarded in all the right ways. The colors were so vibrant, the whole time I was so taken aback by the fluorescent colors, the colors of the banshees, and all of the creatures on Pandora. I’m sure this was probably one of the most expensive films to make, and it was worth every penny.

Avatar’s story lines were very entertaining and pulled me through the movie emotionally while always keeping me on the edge of my seat. Although the movie was 2 hours 47 minutes long I can honestly say I don’t know how the time flew by. I didn’t look at my watch once to see the time and I have a pretty big easy to see watch. That’s how into it I was. With 3-D I really felt like I was part of the film. I will definitely be buying it when it comes out and if I have time, I want to go back to the 3-D theater and see it again. SOO GOOD.

Kutos to the directors.

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