Now why, when writing for my blog, which gives me extreme satisfaction and great excitement, have I been unable to in the past few weeks, write to my hearts content? Well there’s a few terrible reasons, that shouldn’t even be justifiable but I’ll tell you them anyway.

I’ve been busy busy. I mean I can’t find two seconds in a day lately to just write down my thoughts and words let alone write a blog post. This class is taking its toll on me. One day this past week we had class from 0730-2200 with only a one hour break for dinner. I didn’t even get time for lunch! That’s a freaking long day if you ask me. Things are going well so far and the class is only three weeks long so it is done this Friday but it is very aggressive. More so, then what I am used to.

On a later note: I BOUGHT MY VERY FIRST CAR!!!! That’s right me, miss reality, finally has a car in her name, and is stoked about it. What kind of car you ask?? A 2010 Toyota Camry!!! Woo. Not brand new. yeah right. It was leased this whole past year and it only has 14,000 miles on it.

Okay well, 1. I won’t have tinted windows, and 2. I won’t be driving my car around at resorts like that, but otherwise what I great picture of my very first car. My parents really helped me out with this. Due to the small amount of time I had to look myself, they have been really getting down to it, trying to find me a car. And… luck has prevailed. I will only be home for a week for Xmas starting this Friday, BUT we are going to Wisconsin for Xmas to be with family. That leaves me 3 days. What am I to do?

Thank the lord for them, because they found my baby and at a really good price. I’m very happy.

Last thing on the agenda for the past weekend… Ski Trip to New Hampshire!

While at SWOS we decided this weekend needed to be spiced up with some adventure and we just knew that the perfect adventure would be a ski trip to New Hampshire. So that is where we went and it was AMAZING! It was my first run of the year and all they had open were black diamonds and blue squares that led to black diamonds. It was a blast and I skiied with my skis which I love immensely. Yes, I brought them. You have to be prepared for anything right?

The sign that is for an ice arena with a dentist office in the same building. PRICELESS. We turned around so we could get a picture of that one. That was really bad ass and so funny!

WEll, only 5 more days and 2 tests away from finishing this introductory course. I am quite excited to be going home. Woo!!! Maybe then I’ll have much more time, and writing can be a priority again. It better happen!