Tommorrow! 3 weeks of the SWO inro class begins tomorrow which is exciting and the last step I’ll have to complete before I head to my ship and start the real qualifications and get my SWO pin.

In case you are unfamiliar SWO stands for Surface Warfare Officer. That is my designator and what I am doing in the Navy for the next four years. So this introduction class is designed to teach navigation, moe boards, driving the ship, all of those sorts of things. The class ends on December the 18th so its not long. You just have to do very well on the tests and you’ll be good to go.

I arrived yesterday to take the class and found out I’ll be staying in a hotel the full time. Its very nice, I have a mini fridge!

The navy does take care of you. Tomorrow I’ll have to take my NWU uniforms to the shop to get the ensign bars sewn on. I can’t wear them until I do that so I hope to get it done right away.

The class will be very intense since it is such a short one, but I’m ready.

Tonight, I’ll be chillin with Halo ODST. My thoughts on that later…