I couldn’t have come back at a better time if I’d planned it myself. While at OCS I missed every sports game, every tv show, all of the new songs, and whatever else emerged in the past 3 months while I was still on the island. Now’s my time to catch up and it couldn’t come better with the biggest, bestest deals, of the whole year.

Video games have gone mad crazy and are going to be at all time low prices. I’m stoked. You better believe I’ll be getting:

Halo ODST at gamestop for $39.99

Fallout 3 [My very own copy] $19.99


Left 4 Dead 2 $34.99

This should tide me over for the next 3 weeks when I go back to RI. Hopefully this time I’ll have ***MY*** CAR and my xbox 360. I might even go the distance to say that I really really really am considering bringing my ski’s and going skiing up there because its what I do. God I love skiing.!!

Also, should I be fighting over games with you on Black Friday, don’t take it personally, you just don’t stand a chance. Muhaha.