For the Past few days I have been learning about HTML and how to upload it from tysdaddy who has been very helpful and kind through my crazy [WHAT AM I DOING RIGHT NOW!!] experience. After quite a few hours of work that led into the next day I have finally added a picture link to my sidebar!!! The follow me on twitter icon will now be my favorite link ever because it took THAT long for me to set up.

Please bare with the inconvenience as I put time into making my blog look pretty and I stop writing for a few days.

shit stompingINCONVENIENCE!

Also, tomorrow I am completeing my last and final physical before I leave for OCS training and if all goes will I will be sitting at happy hour around 5pm sipping a momosa being smiling happily into the glass as I talk over my future life with a friend.

In the moment, I shall feel the best I will feel in 3 months because in two weeks from then, I will be sticking my face into a sand pit full of fire ants. That momosa will be light years away and I will probably be the most physically fit, but most unattractive person I have been in my entire life.

In the end… I CAN’T WAIT!

I shall be posting again tomorrow. My days are limited and I feel I have much to say.

THANKS AGAIN TYSDADDY for all of your help, I honestly would have been VERY lost without you and had I feel very good to have completed my first HTML with your guidance and my frustration.