shark week discoveryIf you’re not afraid of these guys… then you have some serious problems! Sharks are the scariest predator I know besides dinosaur’s (only because their extinct) and in my total fear of them, I have been glued to the TV this past week gasping and screaming (rarely, but it does happen) at shark attacks and crazy shit that goes down involving sharks.

The Air Jaws are AMAZING and if I was a seal on seal island I would not be very happy to cross the ring of death to find food. I might just have to starve.

My biggest fear if a shark were to attack me and I survive (That’s a HUGE IF…) getting my ass back on land would be the real task here. I don’t even know if I’d be able to paddle in because of my fear. Just thinking of the loss of blood and all of the predator’s that its attracting would do me in. I wouldn’t be able to think, let alone scream. I would be booking it in as fast as possible but that fear, that feeling that something huge is chasing you… that’s enough to give me a heart attack right this second.

I can only thank God that I was lucky enough to escape treacherous waters alive in all the years of my life.

Just check out this Air Jaws Picture and the poor little Seal that’ s trying to escape for his life. I can only root for the seal because he’s such an underdog.

air jawsAnd finally… I leave you with quite a scary picture. Be Cautious, Be Alert, and Be ready for anything when you enter shark infested waters. Especially in Florida where it is said to be the deadliest place on Earth. If I were you I’d go get some facts and stories on the discovery channel right now. You have four more days of shark stories to wet the appetite.

shark week1SAVE YOURSELF.