The only game that I have ever played that is made solely for PS3 would be Uncharted. I do not have a PS3 and I a huge fan of the Xbox and this is where my loyalties lie. This does not me that I won’t play games on the PS3 this just means that all of my gaming friends have only a Xbox 360 as well and I am not in a PS3 enviorment very often. My friend Pete, a good college friend was a huge fan of the PS3 and so we would have gaming parties at his house, although the gaming parties at my apartment were always better. haha.

One of the times I went to visit he introduced me to uncharted. This was shortly after its release date and he had a big computer project to work on. Since I was the only one over and it is a single player game, he let me play it. I almost beat the entire game that night, and I had great fun with it. I have previously talked about uncharted and how it is basically Indiana Jones in the name of Nathan Drake.

Now that the sequel is under six months away, we can start the countdown for Uncharted 2: Among Theives. Unfortunately I will not have the oppurtunity to play this game at its release date because I will be getting the shit kicked out of me in naval OCS, but I will be looking forward to stealing somebodies PS3 for a little bout of fun with it on my first break. If you don’t know anything about the first one and are not interested fine, but first have a look at the trailer for the second one. You’ll love it.

Also as a bonus I have an interview done by Nolan North on his website in which he talks with Emily Rose and Claudia Black, the voices of Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazier, the two main women in Uncharted two. I am extremely surprised by how much they look like their characters and I enjoyed this interview very much.