I am a lover a books. And what I might ask makes me a lover a books? I have been thinking about this lately. What separates the readers from the non-readers. Is it the imagination factor, is it the genes, is it the search for more knowledge and excitement? How can one be so completely involved in the story and the other one so completely not?

I have been a “book nerd” since I was little. How do people even get into reading? Half the world is missing out on so much and they can’t even begin to fathom. Even non-fiction books are great. Just pick a genre and start reading… Life isn’t going anywhere.

P.S. Belle is my favorite Disney princess because in Beauty & the Beast she sings about books and always has her head in one. Love that.

One of my favorite parts of a good story is being so completely involved in someone elses tale that you almost forget where you are and what your doing. I openly admit to absentmindedly sliding through the days when I can’t put a book down. Nodding halfheartedly to whatever my mother or sister’s say and not even listening for a second as I stay completely engulfed in my book.

And you know what for all of the name calling in high school, I could so take it, because books matter more. Now I do believe that I went above and beyond with the reading criteria back in the day but it wasn’t to be the top of the class or the teacher’s pet, it was to read. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yes its true, I can also find myself at times trying to get out of a party or leave a bar because I just wanted to rush home and get one more chapter read before bed, and as it always turns out that one more chapter turns into three which turns into five and before I get to bed, the sun is already rising.

When I was a young child I couldn’t ever sleep and I was always wanting to read. As terrible as it was I would hide under the covers in the sweltering heat with a flashlight so my mom couldn’t see and I could finish that book I had started earlier on in the day. One of my favorite parts of elementary school which I still remember well is picking up my box [it was always a box] of books from the scholastic book club. I never had a better thrill than being able to order whatever books I wanted from the scholastic book club magazine. My mother fought me sometimes but for the most part she let me imaginations decide which books would be perfect for me. I would always get my box and run home so that I could see what was inside [even though I definitely already knew].

Another good story is when I decided I was running away from home I went upstairs, got the biggest suitcase I could find, and walked down to my bookshelf and started jamming it full of every one of my books. My mom just looked at me shook her head and walked away knowing that I would never be able to lug that thing out the door let alone down the street. She always brings that up. My daughter would never think logically of clothes, o never. She only has her mind on her books. Now its a good laugh, at the time I was determined.

Well this is my last lament. If you can get only 1/8 of the satisfaction that I find in a good book then you should try it. Not every book is for everyone but there is something out there for you. I pity the poor soles who don’t even know what their missing because they are missing A LOT.

A world without books would be a world of misery. Stomach the books for your classes and move on to pleasure. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to finish it as long as you enjoy it. When I leave for navy training I will most definitely be envying all of the people who are out in the world reading. A book nerd I was born as and a book nerd I will be when I die, and I smile happily knowing it.

Books = great stories = my love = my favorite thing to do on a rainy day or a sunny day or any day for that matter.

stack of booksBooks, open the cover and recieve.