Here I am, referencing one of the basic most epic games to come from the orange box and I can’t help myself. God knows we all love portal. Yes its a one day challenge but it was almost better to play then half life 2 or team fortress. The sick sense of sarcasm that this game provides us was enough to make it an instant favorite and success among gamers everywhere.

One of my favorite lines [and I suppose this is mostly spawned off of a good friend who introduced me to the game and quickly made me know and love the game] would be “I will not stop enhancing the truth”. That is amazing.

One of the funniest stories I have about portal is making fun of said friend [noted above] and laughing about him playing the game. Let me set the mood for you. He’s all alone, in a dark room, with the small glow of a lamp barely visible behind the desktop. He is gripping the mouse and as he clips away through the levels of the game he is laughing creepily and neurotically to himself. eh ehh ehhhh. It is a fond memory I have and one we have spent many a day laughing over in the past.

I guess you might have had to have been there to understand but I can write what I want and you can choose to read it if you take a liking to it.

So for once and for all, as it always will be “THE CAKE IS A LIE” “THE CAKE IS A LIE” “THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!”

the cake is a lie

O yes and I would also like to note that during the portal review on zero punctuation, the Australian could not find one thing wrong with this game. He even says yeah I can’t say anything more about this game. That in my opinion is a great review, since he is always bashing something or other. Portal, you rock and this is a long awaited tribute to you that should have been written much earlier!