As it turns out I have a limited knowledge on guns and find them to be quite bad ass and extremely cool. I started figuring out about guns during the counter strike days back in high school or at least I started learning about terrorist guns vs. counter terrorist guns in which I would always prefer the counter terrorist guns (M-16) because I felt that it was easier to shoot with then the Ak-47, even though I sucked balls at that game every time all the time.

Last year when I interned at the coroner’s officer one of the deputy coroner’s promised me he would take me to the shooting range and check out my skills at firing weapons. Since I had little to no skill at the time it would have been quite embarrassing. Now after shooting a .22 rifle at my cousin’s cabin and going out to the woods with a friend to shoot some hunting rifles and a pistol I have more knowledge then I have ever had before on the subject.

Also, this past year I had to learn much more about guns then I previously knew because our blood spatter teacher in the forensic’s program is also a fire arms expert and a major hottie. This meaning that increasing my Knowledge in firearms made me look good in class. haha. Just kidding.

Now after a full year of trying, my wait is over. Tomorrow afternoon I will be meeting the deputy coroner and we will be engaging in a fun filled evening of shooting guns. I also learned that his brother had a desert eagle from being in Iraq in the war and he might bring that for me to try out. For those of you who don’t know a desert eagle is a .50 caliber pistol that has a massive back fire when shot. It is extremely powerful and should not be treated lightly. If I ever get my hands on one of those baby’s I don’t know what I’ll do. haha.

Here is a video of a girl who did not fare so well when her friends gave her a desert eagle to try out. They are only lucky that nothing happened when this happened.

That is a powerful gun!

So we’ll see how I fair tomorrow and of course I’m going to try to get some bad ass pictures as I learn some skills to shoot guns.