Well folks, I am a sworn naval officer. Its weird right? Well not too weird yet. I have all the benefits of the military which is nice and I have a great amout on ass kicking to look forward to which should be very fun and a joy to be a part of, but for the most part I’m still the same old girl in the same small town waiting to get out.

I am still working some crappy jobs and I really just want to throw in the towel. If I didn’t need the little bit of spending money that they are able to afford me, then I would be out of there like a light in a strong wind. Today was a very stressed filled inventory disaster day and I was to blame for part of it which pisses me off indefinitely. Screw counting every minute item in the store. Well that’s enough ranting to go along with that and I’ve proven to myself that I am in able to simply add up books and make totals.

I hate being a dumbass and I definitely don’t want to go to work for a week because I am sooo not over it.

Well aside from that mishap, I’m otherwise happily well and in good working order to continue living up the summer until I am shipped off to bootcamp.

Confessions of a writer<3