Wow, I suppose I’ve come quite far in my adventures as I am embarking on my last task before I am shipped off to basic training. Its been a long few months with many ups and downs (F-ing eggs) and although I was rejected on six occasions here I am being sworn into the navy officer program under SWO surface warfare officer.

As exciting as I am to start my new life I am also aware of all the people who have encouraged me to make it this far and all of the shocking faces I got when I told people what I would be doing with my life after college. I like the shock effect, it makes me laugh secretly inside everytime because yes I’m a woman, and yes I’m going to the navy, and who knows how it will turn out. No one can say for sure.

swearing in to the navySo Wednesday morning it is. Little over two months left and this is the final step before I say my goodbyes, pack up what little belongings I am allowed, and I shove off. How exciting!

The great news is that my parents have opted to join me in my swearing in ceremony. At first I was nervous that they would be busy and lets face it, I’m not a big kid yet, and I still find comfort in the supporting figures that have encouraged me all this way.

So to those of you who didn’t expect it and thought I couldn’t make it, that’s okay. I don’t need any satisfaction in proving you wrong, I just proved myself right, that’s all.