August 30. August 30. August 30. That’s what could have been found repeating over and over just two days ago when I got the call from Lt. A who called to inform me of the day I could be leaving for Officer Candidate School for the Navy. I hadn’t heard anything previously so this was VERY BIG news and I was excited to have it. As it turns out I thought I would be leaving earlier like in early July so this one extra month, at first I didn’t want, but now am glad to have.

Yesterday I met up with the woman that is conducting my secret security clearance background check. That took awhile because I had a lot of jobs in the past and I worked three jobs at once during some times and it was confusing to sort everything out. After talking to her for a good while and going over all of my previous residences and and employments she said that she was in a bit of a rush to complete all of this stuff so she was going to go and talk to the last few people and then she would be turning everything in for completion.

That is good news even though I know that it will still be some time before everything is completed. I’m happy with the news thus far.

After she left I talked to my parents about getting my own phone plan. My mother is wary but I think she is finally going to let me do something on my own, which it would be about time, since I am twenty two years old.

Good news: I do believe I will be getting the blackberry pearl and I am quite excited. I have not had texting the past four years and this is something I am looking very forward to. That is all for now. More soon…

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