Today is a very big day for Pittsburgh hockey fanatics. Today is the day we shall engage in a repeat finale of last year in which we were defeated by the Detroit Red Wings in game 6. The new fight for Lord Stanely’s cup is on and it begins tonight at approximately 8 pm and boy should it be great. Game 1 can only show us the defining moments and steps both teams will take on their way to that final prize, the one victory, and nothing less.

This is the first championship rematch in 25 years and we are ready to kick some Detriot red wing Ass. There will be no octipus thrown in Pittsburgh this series nor any day after. We are psyced, we are ready, and we want to show Hosa why he made such a bad choice in leaving the Pen’s and moving to the red wing’s. We want to hold that cup and just give him a small smile to show that maybe the money was plentiful but the rewards in the end, just didn’t make bank.

All of the fun set aside, it is definitley time to get nothing less than very serious. We need to play hard, we need to play rough, and we need to dominate as many games on their ice as possible. No messing around.

stanley cupWe definitley need to do Alot of This.

NHL/We need to stop this.

red wings pensWe need to own them as many times as we can like this.

red wings pens huddleAnd we really need to talk about the ingenius moves were going to make just like this.

There you have it, a 4 step recipe to success.

Now let’s go out there and D-O-M-I-N-A-T-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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