So I can’t stop thinking about Hawaii. I’ve been eating, sleeping, and living with my excitement for Hawaii a full day now and it just won’t go away. I’ve been trying to keep it all to myself but somehow in someway it keeps spilling out of me like word vomit. I’m not one to rub my good fortune in other people’s faces because I am going on an adventure other people do not have the pleasure of sharing, but I am just too excited to keep it to myself. A compromise must be reached. Today was Tentative Itinerary day.

M & I looked at all of the things we wish to accomplish and at 3 am this morning (9pm Hawaiian time) E sent us even more stuff that we can do and it sounds so fantastic. Some of the things include a Luau, snorkeling, renting jet skii’s and kyayk’s, surfing lesson’s with a BBQ and trying to complete what’s called the Alpine Tower.

Now the Alpine Tower is what I am most excited about. Have you ever heard of a challenge course? That’s what this is since its on the base at Pearl Harbor and apparently it is run by hott marine boys according to E. This is great news. I am looking very forward to this and can’t wait to challenge myself.

After putting together the itinerary M and I decided to get off the phone with each other and start packing. This resulted in me deciding every few minutes I needed something from Walley World, and this ended in two separate trips over there to ensure that nothing would be forgotten. In the end, I’m pretty sure that for one, the woman that works at the vision center knows everything about me and see’s me way too often, and two, people might seriously begin to think that I live there or something. Hopefully I will have everything collected that I need by tomorrow so that I don’t have to make yet another trip and I can stop the word vomit from happening. The only cure is to stay out of range of people who don’t already know about my vacation because that way I can contain myself.

Yes, I can say that I have lots of things yet to do, but with a very light work load (This means no work tomorrow or Saturday) WOOOO! I will have plenty of time to preprare and pack for my trip. & no this is not relieving any of my excitement. haha.

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