Good combonation right? Talking about Camp, one of my favorite places on Earth, and giving a Star Trek movie review all in one post. You just got to go with the flow on this page I guess, because that’s what I feel like writing about.

One of my favorite smells is that of a camp fire. I love camping. I don’t care how dirty I get, how nasty things are, if you can’t rough it then you need new priorities. When I go camping, I love the company of people I am around because these are all of my childhood friends, and I love the atmosphere. Everyone there is happy, we relax, we eat ALOT, we drink, and we do everything on a whim. There are no plans. Whatever happens happens and that’s the way I like it.

I also like laying out on a hammock and having serious conversations with my friends for life because they are the only people that really understand me. When I talk with them they give me good advice, they tell me straight up if I’m wrong and they don’t hold back. I love that.

We always bring up the fact that after we all went our separate ways in college we weren’t able to find true friends like the ones we left back home. This is so unfortunate because I wish I could make friends like them, it just doesn’t work that way. Although I was able to make one friend that would have been in my group of friends had she lived near me growing up. Nobody else fits our circle. This is sad but very true.

Overall, my memorial day was awesome. I am already home now getting ready to help my family do yard work and I can’t wait till next Monday! Why you ask? Because I have a plane ticket to HAWAII and I just can’t wait to GOOO!!!

In other news:


I meant to post this last week after I saw the movie but somehow the days have been flying by and I haven’t had time till now.

After seeing the Star Trek movie I can only say I was really really impressed. I, a person who has never even watched an episode and know little to nothing about Star Trek, went to see the movie and loved it! I loved all of the characters and I loved all of the action. The story plot was good, a little hard to interperet at times, but defintiely my kind of movie.

Everybody is loving Chris Plank (Captian Kirk) but I’m not going to lie I was a huge fan of Spock. I mean not really the bowl cut and ears but his physique was Amazing! When I was watching him walk off screen and just his quiet actions I decided I would totally do him. He’s also really smart and I can’t help but fall for a total nerd. ha.

Overall this movie is bomb and I want to see it again before it leaves theatre’s. I can definitely see myself buying it.

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