Yes, yes, crazy I know. As it turns out I will be waking up very early tomorrow morning and heading back to school one last time as an undergraduate student. My days are finally done. College has smacked in the face a few times and I have paid attention, but the years have flown and I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Now, four years later, I can say that I have learned many streets smarts, I have learned some serious book smarts, and I have above all, met some crazy kids who I can say have turned into great friends.

Life as I know it is over after tomorrow. Yes, I do get my graduate dairy queen ice cream cake but it can only last so long. This new phase will not be prolonged. After tomorrow I enter the world as an official big kid in which I become faceless and just another worker trying to make a living.

Have I sounded just slightly depressed yet? Besides the fact that even if I decide to return for a masters and later a docrorate the college experience can never be the same. I have matured. There should be no more ridiculous nights, no more epic stories of drunken adventures, and especially no more partying tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. The next time I enter another college classroom I will be only expecting ten tons of work and no play. Its sad but true. Time to face the facts.

Like I said earlier I am workingo n Gears of War 2 achievments and thinking about the last day as an undergraduate as it becomes time to embark into the mists of the future.

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