gears of war 2cSo, it is finally time. I do realize that Gears of War 2 was released about six months ago. I also realize that I have been a lazy ass and have not got my second cog tag achievement, which I damn well want. Now most of you can that I just waited until all of the locations were posted and they put up the how to video on you tube. You would be absolutely correct in your thinking. In fact, you are brilliant. I mean really, they hide some of these things in the darndist places. Why only get them here and there when I can wait for the locations to be posted and get them all at once?

Plus, I will also add the fact that they aren’t just cogtags this time. They are different articles of things and I don’t want to miss one.

With a thunderstorm rolling over my hometown, I will camp in the basement and play away to my hearts content. Maybe then I can get this achievement done once and for all. Of course, it might be a bad idea to play in a thunderstorm because 1. I might loss my place if the power goes out and 2. the locusts kind of sort of scare the shit out of me and a thunderstorm really doesn’t help with that aspect.

The good thing is that I am not going out tonight. I am staying in, relaxing, and kicking ass at gears of war 2 because its what I do.

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