Here I am. Two days away from the last two finals of my undergraduate career. The end of the end and the beginning of a lifetime. In two days I will be entering the world of endless possibilites. Where anything can happen. Yes I already know what direction I will be heading in at this point, but even that is a world of endless possiblities.

I have been unsure about my decision for sometime now and I can only hope that it is a good one when it is all said and done. Lt. A. called me to see if I would be intrested into leaving for training in June instead of August. Say What?!? That is extremely early. My graduation isn’t until May 17th. At that rate I’ll be leaving only a few weeks later and when I leave I leave. I can not say what will be the outcome of that situation. When I sign the papers, the Navy owns my ass for the next four years. This I am okay with but I still need a few extra free weeks to prepare and spend time with family and friends before moving on to this new experience.

Yes I am very excited and can’t wait, but maybe I can wait a little longer. My sister won’t be arriving back in the states from Italy till the beginning of July. If I leave in June I won’t see her for even longer and we have already been seperated for a year 🙁 I really would like to see her before I leave and so this means that I definitely will be wanting to wait to leave for boot camp/officer training.

But before I make this decision which has to be in by Monday might I add, I am going to also note that I am now making a trip to Hawaii. I have a friend that lives in Oahu and she is doing her internship with JPAC this summer and is inviting me to visit and stay for a week with her family.

If I do go, then I will be able to go snorkeling, partying, and her dad is a Naval captain and she said we can get a personal tour of pearl harbour with him. O my… so perfect!

One last time… 2 days… 48 hours, 172800 seconds, however you would like to look at it that’s not much time. Can you tell that I’m starting to freak out, that I’m not keeping a perfect calm, that I’m scared? I hope not because on the outside I think I’m keeping a very good front.

Can’t wait for graduation!

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