And so I can’t resist. Its time to reminiscence. Its time to go back. Back to the days when the only thing that went down after school was a race home for some kickball, tag, swimming with friends. Also don’t forget all of the shows that would come on that evening. What about Saturday morning television. Mutant Ninja Turtles, there were just so many good shows back then and never enough time. And so it begins. Here are ten of my favorite TV shows while growing up. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

10. The Secret World of Alex Mac


Alex Mack goes way back and I definitely used to watch it all the time. I liked it better than Clarissa Explains it All and would always picture myself turning into the glob of gook that Alex Mack could become to sneak out and do whatever my little heart desired. This is just starting off the list we have nine more to see!

9. Wild and Crazy Kids


I always always always wanted to be on this show. I so thought I could do it so much better than all of the kids that got to be on it. Although I think we all used to think that while sitting in the comfort of our own homes with no pressure. I would have given anything to take a creme pie and smash it into my mom’s face and not get in trouble. That would have been the day. I liked this show because you could enjoy it any day of the week without watching any previous shows because the things they used to do were always new. In today’s world, shows like LOST (Which I was a fan of for the first two seasons) now need captions at the bottom of the television to fill any newbies on what’s going on. That’s too complex. Let a whole bunch of kids run around and do relay races… now that’s fun.

8. Goosebumps


There is nothing more brilliant then taking an entire series of books (I LOVE BOOKS) and turning them into a television serious. I had over 70 of the R.L. Stine Goosebumps books and I used to read them all the time. When they made it into a show, the books that I read got even creepier. Of course it never turned out like i pictured it when I was reading the books but it was still good and scary at times. Goosebumps as a television serious = Great decision.

7. Saved By the Bell


Saved by the bell has to be on the list because this was the morning ritual before high school. I used to watch saved by the bell and the new music videos every morning before school and that was a memorable experience. Now, they definitely don’t play music videos but I do believe they still play saved by the bell at times. I will admit the move from high school to college was quite a bit corny (corny like full house) but it was still watchable and even if it wasn’t the best I still watched it regularly.

6. Land of the Lost


Upon talking with other friends about television shows that they remember I’ve come to the conclusion that not many people know about this one. I used to watch it often I remember, but I don’t really remember the names of characters and such. It was basically about a family that was going on a vacation and they fell through the ground to a land with dinosaurs. I used to be deathly afraid of dinosaurs, but for some reason I liked this show. There was also a very pretty girl that used to live with the dinosaurs and she would help them out when they were in need. They lived in a tree house they made, it was pretty awesome. I’ve always wanted to live in a tree house!

5. Hey Dude


Hey Dude! Another amazing show about a bunch of kids that worked on a ranch. I haven’t seen this show in years but the most memorable episode for me is when one of the boys wins the lottery but as it turns out he’s not eighteen yet. They give him a huge check and he thinks that he’s going to quit working on the ranch but as it turns out they come and take it away. How much would that suck!?! Over all kids on a ranch doing their thing. Big Hit! All of the little kids loved it.

4. Boy Meets World


There are so many similar shows but this one takes it for me. There was just so many funny moments, so many emotional moments, and so many life moments. The relationship issues were real, the boys were funny, the school was real and I love this show. This is the show that even when all of the kids went to college, it was still great, and at times better in a new and different way. I mean who has the name Depanga. The entire cast makes this show memorable and there are plenty of laughs to go with it.

3. Legends of the Hidden Temple


This is another on the edge of your seat show. One of the ones where you scream at the TV “O my gosh I could do so much better than that That is definitely the wrong door, what’s wrong with you?” When in reality if we were in the same place, we would probably be doing the same exact thing. I always remember tensing up like o my gosh are they going to make it or not. This show kept you on the edge of your seat and when it was over, you were begging for me.

2. Salute Your Shorts


Now having a group of kids working on a ranch and making episodes out of it is a good idea, but having a group of kids at a summer camp goofing off and playing pranks, a much much better idea. This show was hilarious. Definitely one of the best in the golden age of television. It was even better when you were young and had nothing to do and you could watch shows about people who were young and had nothing to do. Loved it!

1. Are You Afraid of the Dark


And here we are… the best of the best. One of the most on the edge of your seats freaky shows as a child. This had everything. Blood, gore, lessons, and it all came together in the epitome of all children’s TV. The two scariest episodes I can remember from this show:

1. A girl gets stuck in a dollhouse and turns into a porcelin doll. Sooo creepy. I gave up dolls after that one. And,

2. Two kids get sent to boarding school and as it turns out the boardschool is all a cover and they feed them nasty shit that makes them sleepwalk and harvest monster eggs. Of course these two don’t eat the slop and they end up confronting the main monster. OMG boarding schools are scary. Thank God I never had to go to one!

Well there it is folks, all of the TV shows I loved to grow up on. I’m sure you must have liked something else, let me know your personal opinion.