Sooo today I finally heard back and I found out my future. Ahhh if only it were that easy. I was in between classes thank god although I gurantee you that if I would have been in the middle of class I would have ran right out.

I got the call from a contact and bolted. I never knew I would find out about my life just like that. Freaky. When I answered Lt. A. immediately told me he had good news. A jolt of excitement ran through my whole body and my breath caught.  He told me that they had reviewed my package with the admiral and they have decided to let me into the Officer program even with my allergy.

[In case you haven’t followed, this was my fourth appeal to the navy because of a non severe allergy to uncooked eggs.]


The craziest thing is that he told me I might be needing to ship out to OCS as early as June. June, June… JUNE! OMG really? That is soooo soooo soooo soon. What am I going to do. I have all kinds of plans like for instance the Kenney Chesney concert and going to Vegas for the forensic science conference and there’s just so many things to do and not enough time. I’ll only be home for a month if I have to leave that early. wow.

O and by the way… the naval officer program I got accepted into is Surface Warfare Officer (SWO). Since I don’t even know exactly what that is or means here is the actual job description they gave me when I first applied.

SWO JOB DESCRIPTION: Surface Warfare Officers are Navy officers whose training and primary duties focus on the operation of Navy ships at sea and the management of various shipboard systems.Their ultimate goal is to command a Navy surface ship.Navy systems such as the vertical launch system that fires surface-to-air and cruise missiles require the skills and expertise of people trained in high-tech fields.The Navy provides this training. Like all Navy officers, surface warfare officers are graduates of civilian or military colleges.

My parents might be freaking out just a little bit because the news was fast and unexpected. I feel like I’m changing all my plans just when I thought I wasn’t going to get it. This is definitely going to be hard work, but I’m very excited for new things.

On a lighter note one of my best friends just found out she’s going to skip a year and go to pharmacy school at the college of her choice. I’m SOOO FREAKING PROUD of HER!

More updates as I get them. 🙂

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