So I just feel like I got one of the best deals everr… and here’s why!

Game Stop was having a semi secretive sale and I found out about it through a guy who always knows about all of the great deals… couldn’t tell you how.

When I went over to game stop there were three options for the deal. One of them was if you buy aerosmith guitar hero for 9.99, you would recieve a free wired guitar controller. SAWEET.

So I went in and looked around but the aerosmith guitar hero game was $24.99, $29.99, or $34.99.

So I went over to the counter and I asked the man. He told me that the Aerosmith game was in a bin over on the other side of the store. Talk about Shady. I then looked in the bin and behold there was one Aerosmith guitar hero game left.

I grabbed that game right up and then I went over to the man, leaned into the counter and asked him very quietly if I also get the controller. He nodded yes and then he went in the back to get it. Yes Yes YES!

I didn’t want to be too loud about it because there were other people in the store and I didn’t want them to know about it.

So then he wrang up my great deal and I paid $10.56 for guitar hero Areosmith and a guitar hero controller. It would have been about $75 dollars.


I can’t wait to check it out. I’m going to start a career with Aerosmiths band and I’m going to rock out. Wooooo.

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