So things are just slightly overwhelming. The Rock & Roll Country Music Marathon is only two weeks away. EEK! What’s a girl to do. I’ve been running hard core, I’ve been trying to finish up my research paper and miscellaneous items before graduation, and I’ve been also concentrating on summer plans. Wow! You might not think that’s a lot, but let me tell you, my days are jam packed (especially with the running).

Being home for easter isn’t even giving me a chance to relax and enjoy the day. I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and it feels insane. The research paper I’m working on now is about extracting Human DNA from bed bugs and using it in the forensic field. I’ve definitely had to do much research on this topic since it is so fresh to the forensic field, so my time is being consumed by that at the moment.

I do have a terrible story to share about my pet dove Nell, whom accidentally flew into the fan while it was on in our kitchen which absolutely scared the living day lights out of me. We for sure thought the worst and were in turmoil. She could barely stand and seemed quite crippled. Her right foot and the right side of her wing was very hurt and she didn’t fly, much less walk for almost two weeks. I can now happily say that she has come back with a full recovery and I’m soo happy its unspeakable. I lover her very much. She is walking, cooing, flying, and enjoying life just like before.

On another much worse note, I sent my allergist letter to the Navy and they are still coming back with a disapproval. I do believe that we will only have one more chance to see what’s up, and my contact in the Navy is going to talk to the admiral about the situation. Allergies definitely suck, especially when they barely impair you from anything.

Plans for the Las Vegas forensic science conference are still underway and as of right now I’m still being considered to go. Keep your fingers crossed for me would ya.

My friend whom just got into an accelerated one year grad program up in NY has decided that we need to do a beach trip before she moves out there, so we are definitely trying to make plans for that as well.

There’s just too much to tell and too little time. I’m heading out to the mall to do some graduation dress shopping now, because I better look good on the big day! I will definitely keep you updated for later. Bye!

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