A lot of the students I T.A. for are quite funny and it is a very enjoyable time to watch them work and make jokes. The one joke that has gone too far beyond the limit is the Epic Fail accusation. One of the girls says this about everything. You can’t use and abuse something like that. Everything mediocre is Fail. When something is just that big and there’s no other words for it, its Epic Fail. Don’t confuse it.


This is the same principle that should be considered when using the word Fuck. People who overuse this word, which is extremely annoying, diminish its worth to pretty much nothing and when they really do need to use it, it doesn’t show the same effect.

Make sure that Epic Fail is used when something really is an Epic Fail. Don’t just throw it around like lunch food in a high school cafeteria. When you use this phrase, MAKE IT COUNT.

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