And so the end is not here for me yet.

On Friday I spent three full hours at the allergist office and I have successfully taken the flu shot.

Why could I not previously take the flu shot you would like to know???

Because unfortunately I have an allergy to uncooked eggs and I was very unsure I could take this shot which is mandatory for the navy because it contains uncooked eggs.

Luckily I had a doctor who was very nice and a retired air force officer. We are now great friends. I sat in his office for three hours while taking a 7 step diluted flu test and it took forever!

How we did it: He first took small drops of the flu shot diluted to 1/1000, 1/100, & 1/10. He then administered these skin pricks with the needle and we had to wait 15 min. in between each one. When he saw that I wasn’t having any serious reaction he then gave me a few more 1/10 diluted pricks, then he adminstered .1 of the real shot, then .4. Success. The flu shot is .5 so I had the whole vaccine. Then I had to wait 1 full hour to make sure no reaction occured.

Nothing happened! The doctor (my new friend) then wrote me the letter and let me fax it straight from his office to the naval office. I am now waiting for the results to see if they will be letting me back in. I can only hope!

If it doesn’t work out I will never take the flu shot again.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. Results coming soon…

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