In case you haven’t been able to get in the mood for some zombie obliterating action… let me bring you there. You know you want to get infected. I just had a long conversation with a friend last night at the bar about left 4 dead. He really got me into the “stomp the zombie” mode, so I thought I’d try to infect everyone else. Corny, I know… shut up.

Left 4 Dead Trailer:

First Movie:

In case you weren’t aware that witch is a huge bitch. You have to absolutely stay away from her at all costs and if you are in the same room with her turn off your flashlight and do not shoot your gun. She will kill you in one fluid motion. She is merciless. When you see her you keep quite, keep your head down, and get the F out.

Another helpful tip is when you are playing on versus, play with people you know. It really sucks when you play with people you don’t know because this game is very dependent on team playing. You can’t leave the group because you will die, and if you don’t work together you’re left 4 dead. Truth.

Last Helpful Hint: When the tank comes, RUN! do not let it catch up with you. Get someone to run while everyone else shoots. That will help damage it more then letting it come up on you and beat the crap out of you while you lay there trying to pump it full of lead.

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