Its crunch time and I’m even more excited then ever.

Spring break starts Sunday and I have soo much to do. So many things to prepare and so much packing.

The great thing is that my friend has convinced me to buy scrapbooking stuff before our outdoor adventure so that when we get back we’ll be ready to go. We just have to get the pictures developed!!!!

I haven’t made a serious scrapbook in a VERY long time and I can’t wait to scrapbook about my trip. Especially because its going to be tons and tons of fun for the out door adventurer in me.

On a lighter note I had my first triathlon training class last night and it was not all that I had hoped, it was even better! Unfortunately there were not 19 other very hott boys and me, there were actually more girls than boys, but learning about triathloning is really really interesting and it is motivating me to want to make it the 140.6 or 70.3 miles of a triathlon.

140.6- Iron Man

70.3- 1/2 Iron Man

This I feel, is going to be quite a feet away so I’ve got some years before that. Can’t wait though. and I thought I would be satisfied with the marathon. Pfff.

I’ve got a long run tomorrow so I have to prepare for that. Can’t wait for up and coming events!! 🙂

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