Aghhhh! Here’s the scenerio: You are playing skull ball on any map, every man for himself. Now why do you insist on killing people who are not even near the skull? That makes no sense. You don’t want the guy with the skull to have it but why in the world are you killing people who aren’t even close to it. I mean for gods sakes lets work together and kill the guy with the skull then pit ourselves against each other. I really can’t stand the respawn kills and I really really hate being killed by people, when I don’t know where the skull is and I’m not even in the near vicinity of it. I mean GOD, can you please stop wasting time and letting that guy rack up the time for himself. I’m not even that good, leave me alone.

Same with King of the hill. Way to spend time killing people on your way to the hill instead of racking up seconds defending yourself inside of it. I don’t want to have side fights. I want to get where I need to go and kill some bitches for a cause, like becoming king of the hill. So get out of my way, stop trying to kill me when its irrelevent, and play the game like you should play it. >:-O.


halo-3Do something productive and get the skull would you. Stop standing around killing people who don’t matter.

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