This would be the giant rift worm. The worm that spends its time sinking and eating different cities in Gears of war 2. EKKK!!!! I thought for sure that we got the hell out of there before that nasty thing got a hold of us, but apparently I was wrong and we have to spend an entire level as THE worm’s mince meat. Now one thing I will say about this level is that I hate having to coordinate multiple things to get through a sequence. The writer’s of Gears of War decided that they were going to pull some Indiana Jones business inside of the worm and make you coordinate your way to the 3 hearts that you have to cut to kill the damn worm and saw yourself out alive.

First there’s a ridiculous sequence in which you have to try to get through the worms body parts that smash and saw up the parts of the city it swallows. This was intense and it had me screaming more often then not. Then, there’s a large ball of the city that you cut loose and that starts rolling after you, so you have to run in front of it. Similar to Indiana Jones and also crash bandicut. I hate the feeling I get when I’m being chased by a rolling ball. The only good thing about the Gears of War sequence is that it didn’t really feel like it was at my heels. I thought I had plenty of time to get out of harms way before it came crashing through to smash, mash, and bash its way right over me.

One thing I will say is I HATE THAT WORM!!! Plus every time that you cut one of the worms hearts it fills more and more with blood. I mean I’ve seen a lot of blood being a forensic scientist but my character was completey red. Ugh.





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