According to my personal opinion, there are quite a few great scenes from burn notice. Ten of which I’m going to show you right now. In this show, there is plenty of action, plenty of sexual tension, and plenty of sarcasm. These three things combined equals a great show on USA Network.

Since there are plenty of great stuff and it well exceeds ten scenes, we can’t skip over all of them so here are some honorable mentions for your Burn Notice Appetite.

A personal favorite for huge Michael Weston Fans. This is after they have snuck into a building to steal important files. When everything goes wrong (as it often does) he has to use plan B which means grabbing a gun and shooting out the window. ahh.

I also can’t forget the scene in comrades when they are talking about Russian prison tattoo’s. In this scene Michael is telling his brother about all of the Russian tattoo’s and what they stand for. I attended a lecture last year on Russian prison tattoo’s (I know I’m a huge nerd) and I totally knew all about that when he was talking about it.] Loved that.

Honorable Mentions:

10. Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” [The Introduction of Michael Weston]

How can I not mention the first time I laid eyes on Michael Weston. All Beat up laying in a hospital room, how sexy is that? This is also the scene in which we first meet Fiona. Just my kind of girl, loves weapons, loves pain, and loves making the bad guys suffer. This scene is the setup for plenty more to come and it is well worth your time.

9. Season 1 Episode 7 “Broken Rules” [Paint Thinner in a back alley]

The character that Michael plays in this episode is by far his craziest and I thought, one of his best characters. He poses as the lead of a gang to run the other gang out of town. In this scene Michael confronts a carload of the gang members, traps them in the car, drills holes into the top of the car, and then proceeds to poor paint thinner inside and then pretends that he’s going to light them on fire. Ingenius. Michael Weston makes it look way too easy. I’m sure even Jeffery Donovan was impressed when he saw the premiere.

8. Season 1 Episode 11 Part 2 “Loose Ends” [Michael faces his enemies]

Its that time at the end of the season, where the editors pretend like they’re going to give us some real information as to what’s going on. Please. Give me a break. If we knew the whole story this show would be non-existant. Instead they leave us with an awesome end of the first season, making Michael drive onto the back of an eighteen wheeler and leaving time to dream up how we’ll find him in the beginning of season 2. A very good end of the first season although I must admit Alias was much much better. I also had to wait three painful months to see the preimere of Alias season 2 which was insufferable, for burn notice I was able to click play on the next episode at :). Since I am a lover of both shows I can learn to appreciate.

7. Season 1 Episode 10 “False Flag” [Xena Warrior Princess visits Burn Notice]

Was that really just Xena Warrior Princess? I admittingly did not see the resemblance and only found out after I checked and saw that Lucy Lawless had just guest starred. Wow what has she been up to anyway? Obviously playing a shy helpless mother, when in reality she is a serious assassin. Her suicide was a very shocking moment for me and I’m sure many other fans of the show. When she jumps over the side of the building I was waiting for a helicopter to fly up while she holds onto the rope. Her demise was sad, but there was definitely a need for that shock and awe effect. Michael Weston seemed just as surprised at her death as the rest of us. But… she really might not have died. We won’t know till season 3 I guess.

6. Season 2 Episode 7 “Rough Seas” [Michael acts like a chemist]

Also one of my favorite Michael characters. I have to have appreciation for that nerdy chemist he portrays since I myself have been up through Agricultural biochemistry. Can I just say I loved the pen pocket and the glasses, very character worthy. What I love the most about this character is his ability to trick all of the bad guys into¬†believing that’s what he really is. He’s very good at making people let their guard down and then totally kicking the shit out of them.

Best Moment: When they are taking all of the medicine and as he pretends to guard the fake mountain dew capsules with his life, he drops the box, pulls out a gun, shoots at them and then turns around and shoots at the truck [that has previously been rigged with explosives by Fiona] and blows it to smithereens. That’s what you get for trusting a chemist. Revenge of the nerds. ha.

5. Season 1 Episode 8 “Wanted Man” [The Snowglobe Scene]

Of course Fi would be a bounty hunter in one of the episodes.¬† What makes this even better is that she’s competing with another bounty hunter that was previously a linebacker. Through the episode they fight over this man that Fi ends up helping in the end. In this particular scene the bounty hunter comes to her house and tries to capture her so he can get the man. Michael is there and fights him and Fi comes up to save the day by breaking one of her favorite snow globes “Italy” over the mans head.

In the end: Michael gets her a Miami snow globe to make up for it.

4. Season 2 Episode 11 “Hot Spot” [Fi escapes a fire]

All three of them in suits has your mouth watering, mine for Michael Weston, but I can see how you would love either of the other two. Fi playing the bad girl is awesome. lighting the bar on fire, crazy awesome, and Fi going into the bombers house by herself, stupid but very exciting. I’m definitely one for the bad ass girl being in distress and when Michael runs toward the fire and gets very upset my heart melted just a little. When he heads back to the loft and finds her there. Wow. He’s dripping wet in the soaking rain. He walks towards her not even noticing anything else. Double wow.

3. Season 2 Episode 3 “Comrades” [Fi and the tazer gun]

I can’t explain how much I love bad ass. And in this season, nothing else shows bad ass more than when Fi tazers herself and the guy she’s trying to catch. First she drops her underwear for him to come and pick up. Then she flirts with him a little and just when she’s going to pick up the tazer gun he sees and knocks it out of her way. When she reaches it he grabs a hold of her leg thinking that she won’t tazer him because she will be tazered as well. “Do you want to play?” he asks. “o, I’d love to play.” She replies sticking the tazer right into his neck and knocking them both out. Loved that scene.

2. Season 1 Episode 11 Part 1 “Loose Ends” [Sam & Fi get Caught]

The one job that Sam and Fi take on without the help of Michael goes terribly wrong, go figure. While Michael is running a mile in his Armani suit trying to catch up with Philip Cowen the man Michael thinks burned him, Fi and Sam take on a heroin smuggling scheme that’s putting a woman’s life in jeopardy. At the end of the episode, the bad guys blow up the people they were watching with a rocket launcher, they capture Sam and then they run after Fi. As she appears to be trapped on the bridge [being cornered from both ends] she takes a small leap over the railing and goes right down into the water.

1. Season 1 Episode 7. “Broken Rules” [Michael and Fi Fight which inevitably leads to them having sex]

I can’t believe how completely gripping this scene is. There’s not many words needed, you just need to see it for yourself. By far the best part of season 1.