On Thursday, I met a cheif at the local navy office for my PT test. This is not the guy who has been working with me since the beginning, he was just there to administor the test, so we set up a meet time. On Wednesday night there was a serious monsoon outside. Wind speeds were high, trees were knocked down, and there were some serious power outages. When I woke up early the next morning, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen because I seriously did not want to run outside. That would have probably been horrible seeming as when I walked outside in the morning I couldn’t walk in a straight line because the winds were so bad.

When I got to the naval recruiting office, he told me that since the winds were so bad we were going to have to go a gym and I would run on the treadmill. I agreed with him and we went up on the hill to a gym that he works out in. I did 46 sit ups, waited two minutes, did 16 pushups, waited 2 more minutes, and then I waited 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes I got on the treadmill and he said there would be a 1% incline because the treadmill pulls you.

I started out fine, and I’m in training for a marathon, by the way, so this should have been a piece of cake. Well ten minutes in I was definitely feeling it. It was actually pretty hard to breath because there was a pull connected to the gym and the humidity was making it really hard to suck in air. I can verify this with the fact that when I was done I was completely soaked with sweat and I’m barely a sweater. (so this excuse is legit). Needless to say I made it the mile and a half, and in plenty of time, but it sucked.

Afterwards we went back to the office, I signed like 6 more papers (This is usual for processing in the navy) and then I realized that I’m pretty much finished with my application. They have already sent out reference lists to my previous employers. Pretty soon they will be calling people for the background check. The good thing is, no matter what I do, I will need a background check regardless because as a forensic scientist you pretty much need a background check wherever you go. This is a good thing. Its just that this waiting… Stinks.

I hate waiting. This period of waiting couldn’t possibly make me more unhappy. The waiting stresses me out. Decide if you want me and tell me. Gosh.

Now that I’m done with that little rant, I’ll get back to the waiting. I’ll keep you updated of course.

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