So in case you weren’t aware, I just turned 22. woo. Obviously I’m still in the time of life where I enjoy turning another year older. Crazy as it is, I def. feel like this was one of my favorite Birthday’s so far. Although, in all honesty, just because its your birthday it doesn’t really mean anything. I mean yeah its a time for celebration and my friends came that normally wouldn’t have come, but its really not too much to get all hyped up about.

We had quite alot of fun! Eight people ended up coming and staying at my apartment that is a two bedroom and quite small, but we all made do. My best part of the celebratory weekend was SNOW TUBING!!! Everyone got together and we headed up to the resort nearest us and snowtubed. That was bar far, sooo fun. It was better than the partying and the drinking, I mean that’s fun but this was much much much better. There was nothing but hysterical laughter and fun. It was a very icy day so there were quite a few serious wipeouts. Too fun. haha.

Nell, my pet dove, loved all the people being around. She has been very quiet for the past few weeks and I was kind of worried for her, I thought something was wrong. She must have been slightly depressed because when all the people showed up she was so happy. She hasn’t stoopped cooing and she’s loving life again. It makes me very happy.

I’m not too nervous but my physical for the navy is this Saturday at 6:00am. I am ready to be done with it because I do believe that its going to be all day. They said that lunch would be provided. I hope that I don’t have to stay too late.

Life has only been bringing me down lately. I can’t stop thinking about it. Its very frustrating and I don’t know what to do. Hopefully I will figure it out soon because we’re coming closer and closer to graduation and all I keep hearing is people getting laid off here, and people getting dropped there. Houses are shutting down, the market is bad, life is terrible. I have to make decisions here fast. ugh. When will I be unstressed?

I hope to make it happen soon. That way I will be confident about life after graduation. I don’t want to have to live at home after I graduate 🙁

Updates soon I hope!!! 🙂

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