Many things are happening today. yay!

First off I teach a crime scene class (well the lab for it) at my University which is turning out to be a lot of fun.

We set up six crime scenes yesterday and they will be processed today for the junior class. That, let me tell you, was alot of fun. We had a suicide, a drug ring gone bad, a girl killed with an axe, guy died in his bed, man killed on a couch, and a woman sitting on a computer chair that was shot. Of course the victims are all dummies and the guns are safe to deal with, but overall you really have to think outside the box if you want to find all the clues to the murders.

For example we did hide a gun up in a bowl light on the ceiling because it slipped right in, and my personal favorite, a note that I hid in a projector slide. In case you don’t understand, you must be familiar with overheads and the slides that pull down from the ceiling? Well we pulled the slide down taped a note to it and then rolled it back up. If they find the note I’ll be very impressed.

After lab today, I have two other classes, molecular genetics, and a professional writing class. Not interesting for most people but I really do like genetics. True Nerd, I know.

Later on this evening I am meeting my navy contact to go over the last few things before I go for a physical. woo. I’m getting a littler nervous. Not going to lie. This would mostly be due to the fact that everyone I know is getting a job even in terrible times. Because of this I feel a little rushed to find out about the navy because I really don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t decide to go into it. I have no other plan. Don’t worry though I really am not going to do it if I don’t feel that it will be right for me. I’m good a picking up on things like that. We’ll just have to see… Please don’t let me come down to the wire. argh.

Finally, best feature of the night is the season premiere of BURN NOTICE! Wooo.  Its coming on, Its coming on. Sooo excited.



In case you are skeptical and haven’t really watched it too much. Today on USA they will be playing the entire second season leading to the Season 3 Premiere. This started at 8am. Sooo, if you have nothing else better to do, get to USA and watch some awesome scenes made by awesome people.

So keep it real. Keep you updated soon enough!

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