Yesterday, at the end of week 5, I compleed 10 miles. And yes I had the biggest grin on my face during the last lap, but I also say this with exhaustion. I have never run 10 consecutive miles, and after finishing I realized why. Because running that long causes great amounts of pain. When I came back I soaked in a bubble bath for a very very long time. Then I went straight back to bed because I couldn’t function. I didn’t want to do anything last night but my friends convinced me that a bowling night was a must. So I woke up and left around 9pm. After the bowling was over, in which I won woo!, I came back an d crawled straight back into bed.

The marathon training program is actually going great, I’ve completed everything so far, but it is definitely taking a great tool on my body physcially. Since I have had two foot surgeries, a bunion removal from each foot, I have alot of feet problems. Since removing a bunion is one of the most painful surgeries and I had two of them in the 10th grade, you can imagine my problems. They definitely break your bones in different places and reset them with pins. The recovery is long and enduring.

When I get done running such long periods of time, my feet scream, swear, and yell at me. They hate it, but I am relentless. I will run this marathon and I will succeed. It is on my To-Do List and if I don’t do it now, I might never. Sooo, the pain will endure and I will stick to the program.

One question I do have for all of you marathon runner’s out there, is how much weight on average do you lose when you train to and run a marathon? I’m definitely not doing this as as a weight loss program or anything but I am curious???

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