What do I do??? What do I do??? This is crazy. Sooo today in one of my forensic science classes Max Houck, who is a big name in forensic science [you can find his articles online] teaches my class and just gave us the oppurtunity of a lifetime. Basically, this June, his office is leading a conference in Las Vegas where they are having 200 highly trained personell come together and take classes that range from writing a resume to processing an underwater crime scene. There are about 38 different classes given over the course of the week. Max is giving the graduating seniors an oppurtunity to attend the conference as volunteers in which the airfare, hotel, and per diem will be given. We would be assissting with the conference and instructers and in doing so we would be able to attend the classes and we would be able to talk to those 200 people about possible job oppurtunities.

Wow right. Perfect oppurtunity. Well the thing is that they want to know pretty quickly who wants to attend and who does not. Since I will have to wait until March to see about the Russian scholarship I cannot say for sure that I can attend the conference and if I donnot get the scholarship I will miss out on both oppurtunities. Why did this happen??? I want to choose the right path but now its so hard. What do I do?!? Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can make the right decision and with it my life will move in the right direction. Gosh. Soo hard.

That’s all for now, but its alot to think about.

Confessions of a Writer<3

P.S. because of such pressing matters and the fact that I am going out to celebrate my last syllabus week I will not be writing a Hump Day Thursday again this week. Check back next week for more sex news.