If you haven’t heard I LOVE BURN NOTICE!!! I love it I love it I love it! and I definitely have a thing for Michael Weston [AKA Jeffery Donovan]. You want to know why? The suits. Men just look damn good in suits and Michael can pull it off like he was born to wear it. Yes I do realize that he probably will run a mile in a suit and then change into a different one because its a show, but damn, how does he look so good. In recent news I just found out he was almost forty born in 1968 and even more recenter news I decided that I would still do him because he’s just that good looking. I mean Mmmmm.

So for all of you Burn Notice fans out there, Michael Weston will be returning for Season 3 of Burn Notice on January 22nd, 10pm. That’s next Thursday! Can’t wait. For now, watch season 1 on DVD like I’ve been doing and watch a few episodes from hulu.com or surfthechannel.net. Its well worth your time.


[Scene from the Pilot after Michael Weston has been burned and was dropped off in Miami]

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