The Saturday after Valkyrie was released, I went to see it with my dad, uncle, and one of my cousins. I was awed by this movie and thought it was very good. World War II is my favorite war to gather knowledge on. I have read and own many different books from World War II and am somehow deeply fascinated by it.

In this movie they depict the treacherous route that Stauffenburg and his men took to assassinate Hitler even though there were all Germans. There were about five assassination attempts made over all before Hitler actually committed suicide and this plan was the one that progressed the farthest before it was put to an end.

Of course it is still a movie and my dad doesn’t think that they actually made it as far as the movie progresses them because of the large time delay that did happen after Sauffenburg let off the bomb. Although my dad definitely thinks that the only reason why Hitler survived death from the bomb is because of the thick table that was in the room they were having the meeting.

Unfortunately Hitler and his men definitely cleaned shop. If you even are suspected a little to be on the wrong side your done. For instance Fraus was killed right away even though he had nothing to do with the plan. Hitler was a crazy man and crazy men don’t stop.

In this movie there were not many battles, but it was still a great World War II film. They actually had me believing that there was going to be a positive outcome in the end. Maybe Hitler really was going to be assassinated.

They had a great plan that appeared to be Fail Safe but in the end that was not the case and it turned into their demise.

Crazily Stauffenburg’s wife did not die until after 2000, but she did not make it to the premiere of this movie. In the end I wish they would have succeeded because they would have been great.

Overall I enjoyed this film greatly and would definitely buy it for my movie collection.

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