It’s official. My tour of the white house this Friday has a green light and I’ve got the in. How awesome. I was nervous because I heard that we might not be able to go since we hadn’t heard back from the guy who will be giving us the tour that we got our clearance. I was really bummed and thought that I would be sitting at the bookstore all day helping angry people buy college textbooks which they already don’t want to buy in the first place. Great. I’ve been dealing with them for ten hours a day this past week. blah blah. My friend told me that the chances of us being able to go now were very small because she hadn’t heard anything and it was Tuesday and we were supposed to be leaving for D.C. on Thursday. EEEKKK.

Happily I got a message on my phone when I was taking a break and it was a very frantic voice mail saying that P had called and he got all of our clearances and we were still going to be able to go.

I was already working extra hours at the bookstore so as soon as I got off I rushed home and M and I reserved a hotel. yay. Now I work all morning on Thursday and then I leave for D.C. immediately after I get off. I’m sooo excited. I’m sure all of the bookstore employees are sick and tired of hearing me talk about it but I can’t help it. I’m getting a tour of the East wing of the white house. Not just everybody can say they’ve done that, in fact I’d say I’m in a very small percentage of the people who have. I can’t wait to find out what its like. oooo. Afterwards were going to the newest Smithsonian because we are huge nerds and greatly enjoy nerdy things. At least M and I, can’t say the same for everyone else. ha.

Right now I have to run three miles and I have five to run tomorrow. Just because I’m going to D.C. doesn’t mean the marathon training program can wait because it can’t. I have to keep up.

P.S. After three months of obsessing over my new ski jacket (the one I knew I was buying but just couldn’t decide on) I have finally made a decision. From the beginning I knew it was going to be a 686. I love 686. I really wanted the smarty maven jacket in truffle by them. Unfortunately I could not find it anywhere. I searched every corner of the internet and I feel like it was discontinued because I could only find certain sizes for sale and the one that I did see was coming from Russia. Wayyyy too far.

I had my heart set on that one and was sort of disappointed so I kept putting it off and putting it off until finally I decided that I had to make a decision. The winter coat I’ve been wearing, I bought in the 9th grade. That is quite a long time ago. So I started looking at the other 686 jackets on the smarty line. They had this one jacket that was called the admiral smarty jacket. I looked at it and at first didn’t really like it but then it started growing on me. The fact that I am in the middle of my naval application really sold me to the idea since the highest rank in the navy is a four star admiral. Alright. I gave in. I bought the jacket. I have been obsessing over it and waiting impatiently for it to arrive since Saturday. Unfortunately the store I bought it from only ships M-F so I have been in even more agony then I could have thought. The only consolation I have is that it will definitely arrive by Thursday so I can hit the slopes ASAP! So Excited.

686-jacket[For some reason the navy one won’t upload so imagine this jacket in all navy no dots. ]

So I must go now but be waiting for an update on Friday or Saturday. EEEE. So Pumped!

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